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Sometimes it can be a hassle to sell these items yourself.  That is why we offer to do it for you. With the information and photographs you provide, we place them on several sites, including our own, and send it to our contacts. As always, our goal is to get the best deal while mutually benefiting all parties involved. As a company, you do not always have the resources, or the time, to get rid of things taking up space that you no longer want or need. That is where we can help. With your consent, we list the old or new, used or unused, equipment on our site to our contacts to assist in getting you a good deal while helping our clients.

In offering our assistance we ask that you provide some items to speed up our process.

  • Dimensions of the Equipment

    Please include the height, length, width, and weight of your equipment. Any other dimensions may be included in the comments field.

  • Age

    Providing the hours of use and year of manufacturing can be entered in the comments field on our contact page, if you have any other details that you think may be helpful please include those as well.

  • Reasoning for removal or replacement

    Does it need a tune up or did you recently upgrade? Maintenance records are a huge plus for the process and sale. These details help us better market your equipment.

  • Photos of the equipment at all angles and sides

    Clear, higher resolution photos are best. We are looking for clear identification of equipment and all data tags. If necessary please clean before taking photographs.

  • Legible photographs of the data tags

    Pictures of the serial numbers and other manufacturing marks get added to the listings.

  • Asking price

    While we cannot always guarantee that your equipment will sell for your asking price, we always try to get as close to it as possible. We will bring all reasonable offers to you before any sales.

  • Any additional information is welcome

    Please use the comment field to tell us about anything else that would benefit your listings.PLEASE LET US KNOW IF THE EQUIPMENT BECOMES UNAVAILABLE!!!

If after reading these steps this sounds like the right fit for you, please go to our Contact Page and fill out the form there.

STEP 1: Contact Us

Complete our form on our Contact page and include all of the details we need to list your equipment.

STEP 2: Get Listed

We'll place your item(s) online, across several sites, for 30 days.

STEP 3: Wait for Inquiries

If we have any leads or inquiries in the time your equipment is listed, we’ll get in touch.

STEP 4: Make the Sale

If the item is sold we’ll coordinate with you and the buyer in preparation for loading and shipping.

STEP 5: Ship It

Our policy is that shipping is on the buyer, they are responsible for coordinating a truck for pick up at the buyer’s lot. The buyer will be responsible for loading the items on the seller’s truck.